Nov 15, 2009

Self Portrait

yep, thats me. i'm wearing my favorite shirt :)


This is Robert. Hot ain't he? No, he's not my boyfriend, just a friend. I've been getting into computer graphics a lot lately. All Photoshop though. I always draw the black outlines my hand on paper. I'm just old school that way. Anyway, hope you like it!

Sep 24, 2009

Ling Ling

this is my U.S. History teacher, Mr. Lindquist. He is such a great teacher, and he's funny. i don't remember why, but we all call him LingLing. if you're wondering why he looks like a teenager, he's only 26, so he's young. this one's for you Ling Ling!!!!!

Sep 16, 2009

Beatles for Sale

this is my absolute favorite picture of the Beatles (not just cause i did it, i like the photograph). they're all so cute!!!! too bad Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are all old now. i swear i was born in the wrong generation. why couldn't i have been born in the mid 50's? Ringo is still my favorite Bealte, but John Lennon is my favorite singer of all time (besides Judy Garland, she's da bomb!!!!!!).

New Rock Band Members

this is a famous picture of the Beatles that i did. its so messed up that everyone is going crazy for the Beatles just because they have a rock band game. i loved the Beatles before any of my friends did. i've listened to them since i was little. the Beatles have always been my favorite. this one is for you Ringo! (he's my favorite Beatle)

peace WAR!!!!

war is only created my man himself

My Bad...

sorry that i haven't posted anything new lately, but i thought i lost my user name and password. turns out, your password is the easy thing to get back, but your user name..... its impossible. but then i realized that my user name for is my e-mail. so now i'm back on and i have a lot of new pictures for you guys. enjoy!